Fixing A Dent In A Rear Aluminum Quarter Panel

Your car can slide around on icy roads and parking lots during the winter, and it can bang into things that can cause a dent in the aluminum quarter panel on your car. The quarter panel is sometimes referred to as the back fender. You can usually fix a small dent yourself at home if you have access to the right tools. Here is how to fix a small dent in the aluminum quarter panel of your car.

Tips For Removing And Preventing Rust On Your Car

When it comes to the threats against your car's body panels and longevity, rust is among the worst. It takes hold slowly, and it's so subtle that you may not even notice it until it's already started to cause serious damage. If you don't address rust development right away, you're likely to face structural concerns with the sheet metal and undercarriage because rust will eat through the metal completely. Here are a few things you can do to deal with and prevent rust.

Three Things You Need To Know To Keep Brakes Working And Stay Safe While Driving

The brakes of your car are very important to keep you safe while driving. Unexpected brake problems can lead to accidents and injuries. It is important that you know the condition of your brakes, when they need servicing and signs of problems. Here are some things that you will want to know to ensure the brakes in your car will keep you safe: 1. Knowing When It Is Time To Change Brake Pads

3 Tips For Buying A Fleet Of Cars For Your Business

Buying just one car can be expensive, so buying an entire fleet for your business can really take up a lot of capital. This doesn't change the fact that you might need a fleet of vehicles for your business, however, so consider these tips for saving money on a fleet of cars. 1. Buy Used You might be thinking about buying your fleet of cars brand new, but this can be costly.

Why Is My Car Engine Tapping?

A car engine is designed to run as quietly as possible, so when you start to hear pinging, tapping and knocking from under the hood, it's a sure sign something is not right. If you hear a sound that resembles a constant tapping, it could possibly be a problem with your hydraulic valve lifters. What is a Hydraulic Valve Lifter? Very simply put, a hydraulic valve lifter is the hollow steel cylinder which encases your internal piston.