Fixing Paint And Dents To Maintain Eyecandy Appeal

A car with a smooth, well-maintained coat of paint is something to be proud of. Even if you're not waxing your vehicle every day, a scratch can be an eyesore that becomes a negative topic of discussion. If there's a dent, the discussion may be even worse. In the off chance that you don't care about your car's appearance at all, there's still some performance problems that could come from auto body damage. Take the time to understand what could go wrong and what your options are with a few repair points below.

Small Scratches And Dents May Not Take Much

If you've brushed a key against the car door or drove a bit too close to a bush, you may have a few streaks that could be embarrassing when you're showing someone your car. 

One popular myth is that a deep scratch requires an entirely new coat of paint. The myth is untrue and is spawned from details that aren't always available when people pass around rumors. An entire coat of paint was once necessary because of paint-matching difficulties at local auto shops. Some paint types were only available at certain manufacturers or were discontinued, so a collision repair or paint technician would have to use a new, similar color.

Using a similar color would result in a tone that is slightly off on the repaired area, which still highlights some of the damage. Especially in cases where paint needs to be buffed away, you may have a very large, noticeable color difference.

Modern paint technology doesn't have the same problem. Unless the car somehow has a completely rare, undocumented color that can't be matched, a paint technician can simply repaint a specific panel. This means repainting just a door, a hood, a bumper or some local area of a component.

Don't let rumors of the past control your future. Ignore street advice and talk to professionals, but make sure to get a documented statement of the work being done beforehand just to be safe.

Dents And Loose Components Can Be Swapped Out

Some dents can be fixed with the precision techniques of a collision repair specialist. An isolated, small dent could be reversed and repainted if necessary, allowing you to maintain your vehicle's splendor with a relatively quick visit. For many dents, paintless dent repair is available to cut out the costs of repainting.

Other dents may be so dramatic that it would take months for a full, smooth restoration. In these cases, just get a replacement component. A new bumper, door or hood can be shipped from the original manufacturer, reducing the labor needed for repairs and painting since the component is already painted.

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