Why These Three Car Warning Lights May Appear When It's Cold

Vehicle warning lights are meant to alert you to failures or problems in different parts of your car. Thus, it shouldn't be surprising that different warning lights are connected to different weather patterns because the weather has a great effect on your car. For example, here are some warning lights you can expect to light up when the weather gets too cold: Low Tire Pressure If your car is fitted with a tire pressure monitoring system (most new vehicles are), then the warning light will come on when the pressure drops below the recommended pressure.

Shopping for a Vehicle? Why Used Is the Best Investment

If you're considering purchasing a new car and you have been looking at different models, you have to make sure you are smart about the purchase. Buying a used car instead of a new car can save you thousands over time. There are many reasons a used car dealership is the first place you want to start looking for a car, and your goal should be to pay cash. You may not get the newest looking car on the market, but you should still be able to get a good car for your money.

Be A Good Listener: Why Is My Car Making That Sound?

You're probably used to hearing your car's engine purr while it's idling. You've probably tapped your fingers to the rhythmic click of your blinker. However, sometimes your car may make a noise that doesn't sound quite right. By listening closely to your automobile, you may be able to notice when something is wrong. In addition, by detecting the problem early, you can avoid a breakdown. Here are some common car problems and the sounds they make.

What Your Tires Are Trying To Tell You

You probably don't think much about your tires until you get a flat. Then they become a critical part of your driving experience because without them you go nowhere. Don't wait until you're stuck in your work or grocery store parking lot needing a spare tire to get home. Here is what makes your tires so important and how to interpret when you need to get in for tire service quickly.

Arrow Truck Sales for Commercial Trucks

Professional truckers work long and hard and count on their vehicles to hold up under constant pressure. As an experienced trucker, you need to know when repairing your old truck just isn't worth the expense anymore. When you do decide to replace your vehicle, consider saving yourself money and buy a used truck instead of a new one. Drivers If you are along-haul truck driver, you are racking up 100,000 to 110,000 miles a year, with almost 500 miles being driven each day.