4 Signs That Your Tranmissions Needs A Mechanic's Attention

You rely on your car to get you from point A to point B; however, complications can arise if there are problems with your engine. Part of owning a vehicle and keeping it in good running condition is being aware of signs that you need to take it into a mechanic for a diagnostic. Here are four signs that your transmission needs a mechanic's attention.

A burnt smell coming from your engine is a sign of transmission problems.

Transmission fluid is vital to the functioning of your automatic transmission. There needs to be a proper amount to lubricate and clean your transmission, and it also needs to be undiluted. Under normal conditions, transmission fluid is red and smells slightly sweet. There may be trouble with your transmission if you smell something burning underneath your hood. If there is a transmission fluid leak or you have simply run out of transmission fluid, then your transmission runs too hot and the parts start to wear down.

A shimmying gear is a sign that your transmission is acting up.

When you shift gears, you should be able to do so quickly and smoothly. Many times, you pay no attention to your vehicle when you are shifting gears; it is simply an instinctive part of driving. However, when your transmission is in need of a mechanic's attention, then you may notice the your vehicle is resistant to shifting gears. This can manifest in shimmying or sticking when you try to shift from drive to neutral or reverse. 

Clunking or grinding under the hood means trouble. 

As a vehicle owner and driver, you are familiar with your car's regular sounds. Beware of strange sounds that come from your engine compartment, especially clunking or grinding. Clunking and grinding sounds are especially worrisome when it comes to your transmission because they can point to a frayed band or worn down bearing. Your car should not go bump in the night. Make a note of when these sounds occur and make an appointment with a mechanic immediately.

The check engine light gives a clear warning. 

Always pay attention to the lights on your dashboard. The check engine light is a good indicator of the on-goings of your engine. While the check engine light may not come on only for the transmission, in newer vehicles you can trust that the sensors throughout your car report when something is going awry. If you notice that your vehicle is sticking when you change gears and the check engine light is on, chances are that your transmission is on the fritz. Contact a shop like Ochoa Brothers Auto Repair to have the transmission check out.