Creating A Custom Motorcycle Using Dunlop Elite 3 Tires: Three Tire Styles That Really Make A Difference

If you are a big fan of "O.C. Choppers," then you are probably looking for a way to create your own custom bike. Some motorcycle parts are interchangeable, namely handlebars and tires. You can start out small, changing the tires to change the look of your motorcycle. One tire company in particular, Dunlop, creates a line of tires known as the Dunlop Elite 3, which has tire widths and sizes to fit every bike and every taste. Here are three tire widths by that company that you can try out on your motorcycle to create a new custom look.

Fat Touring Tires

Nothing says "custom chopper" like super fat tires. Even if you decide you only want this tire look on the back, there is a correct tire size to customize your bike. For the best examples of the fat touring tire, look at a 240 or 250/40R18 by this brand. They work on adult trikes, too, which really looks good when you have a skinny tire and long fork up front.

Skinny Bicycle Tires

When you decide to alter the front of your motorcycle such that it has that nice, long, stretched out tire fork in front, make sure you get a front tire with it that looks good. This is an absolute must if you are going for that full-on custom chopper look. If you want extra details like spinning chrome plates inside the wheel, then you also need to look at something like the 120/70R21 or the 130/70R18 by Dunlop Elite.

Whitewalls and Stripes

If you want to add a little old school to your bike, nothing says "old" quite like whitewall tires or single white stripe tires. Companies like Dunlop Elite also make these, but in limited sizes, widths and quantities. Sixteen-inch tires are the most common and most available, and are meant for a V-Twin touring cycle. If you want a single fat whitewall and a skinny whitewall to fit the motorcycle you have, you may need to contact the company itself to get these custom tires.

When You Can Afford It

Some tire retailers sell front and rear tires grouped together by style, width and size. If you are looking for a uniform appearance with both of your motorcycle tires (which some motorcycle enthusiasts are) then you may save yourself some money by buying your custom tires in pairs. This is also a good way to buy different styles and switch them out whenever you get bored with how your bike looks. Click here for more information about Dunlop Elite 3 tires.